Breast Re-augmentation

Not happy with Breast Implants? We can replace them too

Breast Implant Re-Augmentation

Are you looking towards the idea of undergoing breast implant re-augmentation? Then you are in the right place. At The Mayfair Medical, we provide an intelligent and high-end breast implant service that allows for you to get all the help you need.

Whether it’s to be a full breast implant replacement or simple breast plant revision, we can make sure that the look of your breasts can be made to as attractive and natural as it possibly can be.Changes to your body or incidents that occur in life can very easily knock breast implants out of sync. This can leave you feeling self-conscious about how your breasts look and thus it can become very hard to be open about your body when in public.

Not sure if you can find a solution? Then take a look at some of these breast implant re-augmentation before and after snaps. These should help you really understand and appreciate just how much improvement can occur with re-augmentation.

Thanks to this, then, you should be able to see for yourself how going for breast implant revision is more than just a consideration. It can add years of value and quality to any implants that you already underwent.

Who should undergo breast implant re-augmentation?

The most common people that we deal with at The Mayfair Medical who are looking for breast implant replacement are going to include:

  • Those who have suffered from breasts which have been deflated, damaged or otherwise ruptured in any fashion.
  • Anyone who have a concern about the quality of a previous treatment and would like to have breast implant revision.
  • When you find that the implant has started to sink below the natural crease in your breasts, causing an unnatural look.
  • You are worried that implants could make it harder to start a family or give your child the care that they deserve.
  • You might find that your breast implants were the wrong size or they no longer fit with the body style that you have.

With all of this in mind, then, finding the right kind of breast re-augmentation surgery can be the perfect choice. Thanks to this, you can make a significant change to the way that you work and the way that you feel about your body. You can feel more comfortable, confident and in control of the way that you tend to live your life.

Breast implant re-augmentation side effects

While side effects are few and far between after undergoing treatment with our team, you should be aware that some typical side effects can include:

Swelling or bruising around your breasts for several days after the experience. This will be checked by our team on a daily basis to make sure that it is healing at the level that it should be.

Implants can take as long as 6 weeks to fully recover and get you back to total normality. However, you will likely need one week at least from you work to help recover in a normal and stable manner. The treatment, recovery and risks are much the same as a typical breast implant surgical process.

Also, be sure to expect some kind of additional scarring. It’s very rare that this can kind of procedure can leave no scarring, but the surgeons will always try to use the same areas as before so that scarring never has to worsen or be dealt with in a new location.

What does breast implant revision require?

Typically, a breast implant replacement or treatment service will need a few major changes made before it can take place. However, since you have already undergone treatment, nothing here should shock or concern you. In fact, dealing with breast implant revision is much easier and far less invasive than the first procedure that you had undergone.

You will be able to undergo the treatment in just a few short hours, meaning that you will only go under a general anaesthetic to reduce recovery time and get you back on your feet ASAP. Most people, though, will need to undergo some kind of hospital stay overnight once the procedure has taken place. Only in exceptional circumstances can that be wavered.

Typically, our surgical team will look to carry out the same position of the surgery that you had undergone beforehand. This means that a new capsule will be added or the old capsule will be optimized and re-placed to ensure that it sits as comfortably as it can.

Breast implant re-augmentation costs

Starting at PRICE, this kind of treatment is very affordable. Given that it’s usually used as a corrective surgery to improve old work from elsewhere, this treatment tends to be far more affordable than the normal form of surgery that was undertaken.

Thanks to this, then, you can easily begin to find an implant solution that is going to be an affordable choice for you.

What will you do? Whatever your choice, feel free to contact our team today. We can help you get cheap breast plant re-augmentation that follows every authentic path and procedure to ensure that everything is as secure and as regulated as it possibly can be. For more information, contact us today and we’ll arrange a consultation at your convenience.

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