Hair Transplant

Whether its your head or eyebrows, hair transplant can enhance your looks

Why undergo Procedure?

Many people choose to undergo a hair transplant because they feel like their hair has become damaged and lost its original lustre. From having hair that is beginning to lose volume to receding hair lines, many reasons exist why you may decide to undergo a hair transplant. Whether it’s to stop hair fall rates from going through the roof and making sure you are left with a head of hair you can trust or to help battle chronic confidence issues, many forms of hair transplant exist that you could investigate.

At BUSINESS, we provide a safe, sound and effective hair transplant procedure.

About the Procedure

The procedure that you will undergo is a very minimalistic process in terms of the invasive nature of the treatment. It’s used to help combat baldness, hair damage and to help make sure you are left with a procedure that leaves no scarring.

This procedure, then, involves removing hair follicles from a particular hair donor, and then grafting them onto areas where your hair has become increasingly thin. By using a local anaesthetic, you can get back to work quickly and see a minimal level of downtime. The hair restoration treatment will work to make sure that a specific punch range of around 0.6mm is used to help make sure follicles can connect to the glands and become natural.

Pre Operation

Prior to any form of hair restoration, you will be expected to have your hair shaved in the donor area where hair is going to be placed. You do not have to shave the whole head; but the donor area and also the treatment area where the hair will go is going to need to be shaved.

Some people can undergo hair transplant therapy without this, though; during your consultation, we’ll work out what your options are.


  • You’ll be left with a much more impressive head of hair; one that will look natural and impressive.
  • There is little to no downtime from the treatment, and it will look as close to your old hair as possible to avoid any visible change.
  • Hair restoration avoids as much stress and pain during treatment as possible, allowing for a minimalistic procedure that is safe, easy to sit through and thorough.
  • The hair that is used is going to leave a natural finish on the top of your head, while accurately covering up any visible damage done.
  • You can sit back and relax while the treatment unfolds; you will barely realise it’s taking place!

Recovery Time

Recovery times are extremely short with this kind of treatment; after around a week, your head will no longer look red, inflamed or swollen. This is a natural by-product of the work being carried out, so you should have no worries or concerns if you notice that your hair looks damaged in this way.

Overall, though, recovery times are made to be as short as possible so that you can get back to living a normal life once your treatment plant has ended.

Post Operation. Care

Most of the time, there is no form of post-operation care needed for a hair transplant. However, certain occasions will require either re-evaluation or check-up appointments to ensure it has worked out as intended. We’ll ask you at your consultation a variety of questions to help build up an idea of what may be needed.

Once the operation has been complete, we will contact you with further details about how you can best improve your hair treatment. To help combat hair loss in the future, we’ll make sure you have all care options considered to make sure you can leave our studies confident in your hair once again.

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