Facial Hair transplant

Beard, Moustache, Eyebrows Eyelash transplant at Mayfair

Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair is a thing to brag about for men. Most of the men like growing a beard and moustache so that they look good and let others know that they are serious in their lives. Considering the importance of facial hair, surgeons came up with the concept of facial hair transplant.

When we talk about facial hair transplant, it not only includes the beard and moustache for the man, but also the eyebrows. Can you imagine someone without eyebrows? They are quite an important part of our face and hence, there are people who opt for eyebrow transplant as well.

Beard and moustache transplant

Some men are very fond of growing beard and moustache. However, due to various reasons, they are unable to boost the growth of their facial hair. In order to help them achieve their dream look, doctors help them with beard and moustache transplant.
There are a few religions that give utmost importance to beard and moustache. If you belong to one of such religions, the best thing to do is go for such a transplant that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you pay respect to your culture.

Eyebrow transplant

Have you ever seen someone with absolutely no eyebrows at all? We have and we know how they feel about themselves. In fact, we have interacted with such people and we concluded that they have a very low self-image.

In order to help them get back their lost confidence, doctors came up with eyebrow transplant as well, in which people with no or very few hair on their eyebrows can now have bushy and beautiful eyebrows. Not only men go for such a transplant, but also women.

This transplant has changed the lives of a lot of people.

Goatee and sideburn transplant

Most of the people around the globe are quite particular about their looks. In fact, there are people who would do anything to look good or enhance their personality.

Talking of personality, sideburns play an important part in making or breaking your impression on someone. Men, who always want to impress the opposite gender, or all the others around them, prefer going for such a transplant.

Then comes goatee, the trendiest thing in town. If a man is wants to look good and cope-up with the latest fashion, he must have a goatee. If he doesn’t, the transplant can fix the problem for him.

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