FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction

Is one of two primary methods of Follicular Transfer

Why undergo Procedure?

For anyone looking to undergo this particular form of hair restoration, a FUE hair transplant is one of the most common means of doing so. Known as Follicular Unit Extraction, this form of treatment is used to help those who are suffering from problems like excessive volumes of hair falling out, or hair thinning.

This procedure is worth undergoing if you want to help make sure you are left with a natural looking hairline that replaces old, damaged hair with new hair from a donor. For many people, this hair loss treatment is the most reliable procedure to solve male pattern baldness and other hair loss issues.

About the Procedure

This procedure works by providing you with a professional hair extraction method that utilizes follicles from the donor area (usually the back of the neck) using an extraction tool that’s less than 1mm in size. The follicles are transferred to the part of your hair that no longer looks as it should, before undergoing a microscopic treatment that moves 1-4 hairs at a time.

Easy to sit through, everything about the procedure pre and post-op will be explained to you so that you can know exactly what to expect during your FUE hair transplant.

Pre Operation

Prior to your operation, you will need to avoid taking any kind of anti-inflammatory medication, to avoid any kind of herbal or medical supplements and any kind of medicine like Regaine. This should take place up to 14 days before your operation begins. Also, to help maximize the quality of your hair restoration we ask that you stop smoking for up to 24-hours before the beginning.

Smoking can slow down the healing process, too, so try and avoid smoking for the same 24-hour hair period.

Prior to coming for treatment, please shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly using a clean towel. Avoid using any hair products, and don’t drink any caffeinated drinks before coming for your treatment.


  • One of the least invasive hair restoration treatments; FUE hair transplant services work without the usual stress, pressure and downtime.
  • Also, clients are far more likely to enjoy a safer recovery process to help them get back to normality ASAP.
  • No hairs that you still have yourself will be damaged or lost in any way during the process; the simplest way to help make sure that recovery is clear and that you retain all the hair you arrived with, and more!
  • Fast recovery and the least invasive process ensures you can enjoy your treatment without any downtime.
  • High quality results that leaves a natural and consistent finish that looks outstanding.

Recovery Time

Usually, recovery times are extremely short with FUE hair transplant services, so you can usually have minimal downtime and get just back to doing what you love. Every case differs, though, so will provide you with all the information that you could need to help maximize recovery time.

Usually, you’ll need to take some form of medication to make sure this will not interfere with returning to work or your duties as a parent or guardian before beginning the procedure.

Post Operation. Care

Post-operational care is going to be dealt with in a very specific way, depending how the treatment went and how the general process has come along. Either way, we’ll work with you to help find a solution to your post-treatment care.

Usually, medical treatments will be provided to fight infection and swelling, and we’ll also make sure you have a treatment plan to follow. Also, you will need to give the redness time to calm down; this can take a day or two, so using your medication can help to speed this up.

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10 Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant!

Manchester is that one location where people are extremely conscious about their appearance. No doubt everybody around the globe wants to look good and presentable, but people in this particular location are way ahead of the others in the race. This is not only because of the self-obsession that they have, but also because of amazing hair transplantation services that keep them inspired to look good and change all that they dislike about their personality.

Talking of hair transplant, FUE hair transplant is quite popular amongst the people in Manchester. If you check the FUE hair transplant photos, you feel awestruck by the results. Most of the clinics have FUE hair transplant before after images on their websites to let people know about the miracles this process can do for them.

Before we tell you about the benefits of FUE hair transplant, it is necessary for you to know what this process is all about. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction (popularly known as Follicular Transfer FT) and it is a primary method in which follicular units are obtained and used for hair transplantation. Strip harvesting is the other method used for hair transplantation and is completely opposite to FUE hair transplant surgery.

Here is a list of benefits that you enjoy when you go for this hair transplant process:

  • It changes your life completely: Hair restoration is that one thing that helps you get your lost life back. In fact, it changes your life for good. FUE hair transplant process makes you feel good about yourself, once again.
  • You not only get your hair back, but also the confidence that you have lost all these years: When you are bald, you find it embarrassing to talk to the opposite gender and even your close friends. Thanks to FUE hair transplant, you get your confidence back, along with your long lost hair. It boosts your personality.
  • You look younger than ever before: Bald individuals look older than their actual age; if you are tired of being approached by older men or women, you can always take help from doctors that are into FUE hair transplant. This hair restoration process makes you look flawlessly younger.
  • The follicles are removed from the donor, one by one, and not by some strip: In the strip method, the follicles are removed with the help of a strip; in FUE hair transplant method, the follicles are removed one by one. This is quite a unique hair transplant method and thus, a trusted one.
  • The implantation of the hair is done one by one, again: Just like every single follicle is taken out and then implanted on an individual’s baldness for hair restoration in the strip method, FUE hair transplant process is just the same. All you need to do is get excited about your new hair.
  • This process is painless and not like the other one: Most of the people find it difficult to go through the strip method of hair transplant because it is quite a painful process; FUE hair transplant is pain free because local anesthesia is applied before starting the process.
  • No doubt it is a time consuming process, but it’s worth the wait: At times, people find it difficult to decide whether they should go for this process or not because it is time consuming; all we know is that the saying ‘patience is virtue’ suits FUE hair transplant
  • You enjoy a lifetime of amazing hair after FUE hair transplant process: What can you do to get the best and the most increasable hair to replace that baldness of your head? Go for FUE hair transplant because this is the hair restoration method that is worth the wait and money you invest.
  • In this process, the doctors let you enjoy good movies on the screen, while they work on your baldness: There are clinics in Manchester that allow you to have a great time, even when the doctors are working on your head. You can watch your favorite TV shows or movies during the FUE hair transplant
  • You can always take breaks during FUE hair transplant process as per your comfort: Go to the washroom, take a walk inside the clinic, drink some juice or eat good snacks from canteen of the clinic; you can take breaks whenever you want to during the process of FUE hair transplant. The doctors are very cooperative.

Allowing someone to work on your hair can be quite risky; unless you know about the experience of the doctors that are into FUE hair transplant, it is not possible for you to trust them. Make sure you enquire about the clinic in Manchester before you opt for the process.

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